To tattoo the Deejo as we mark our skin is to give another dimension, a true identity, to this personnal possession. Deejo goes beyond the pocket knife, by offering customization. By tattooing the blade, as we tattoo our skin with a symbol dear to us. This is the story of a personnal possession, everything but an accessory. One that carries on its blade, the mark of its owner.

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Deejo Tattoo 37g, Demon / ebony

Deejo Tattoo 37g, <br/> Demon / ebony
Fortunately, this ambivalent genie with supernatural powers cannot affect the perfect cut of your Deejo…
Price $64.90

Deejo Tattoo 27g,symmetry / orange

Deejo Tattoo 27g,<br/>symmetry / orange
A timeless style inspired by Paris of the 1920s to dress a fine blade whose formidable cutting edge never goes out of fashion.
Price $54.90

Deejo Tattoo 37g, Scorpion / coralwood

Deejo Tattoo 37g, Scorpion...

It is one of the oldest species on our planet, dating back to more than 450 million years ago. Small and rugged, make this scorpion yours, which, if not venomous, is no less formidable because of its irreproachable sharpness.

Price $64.90

Deejo Tattoo 37g, Purebred / olivewood

Deejo Tattoo 37g, Purebred...

A delicate horse, the purebred is distinguished by its skill and speed, like our fine blade, agile and enduring. And so that its adornment is perfect, we have chosen the black matte titanium with a handle plate of olive wood in finely-veined arabesques of beige. Assuredly an exceptional knife.

Price $64.90