Why choose? Collect them all! Deejo knives are made to fit infinitely with your taste, mood, or fancy. Opt for these exceptional Deejo collection sets that offer you the freedom every morning to select your Deejo knife of the day and to alternate as you wish . Deejo: not yet mandatory but already indispensable...

Collection Set Naked, 15, 27 & 37g

In praise of minimalism: the 3 models of the naked Deejo 15, 27, and 37 grams for the first time together in a single box for the perfect gentleman. Enjoy your Deejo knife on any occasion, in all...

Price $149.00

Collection Box Wood, 37g

Deejo celebrates in its own way and with an elegance it holds dear one of the most quintessential birds of the hunting tableaux.

Price $194.00

Collection Box Colors, 27g

A Deejo that senses the freshness of the morning, when the dogs, already on the lookout, play with the morning dew...

Price $439.00