Deejo 37g, Coral wood / Circuit Board

A special dedication to lovers of electronics, DIYers, apprentice engineers and geeks from all walks of life. Welcome to a 21st-century re-interpretation in the style of Deejo.

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Ultra-light knife in Z40C13 stainless steel, black finish. Secure liner lock system decorated with fine laser engraving. Belt clip. Solid coralwood handle slab.Coralwood (or Padauk) is an abundant wood traditionally used in cutlery for its exquisite red and amber highlights (the reason for its name), its robustness, and its exceptional resistance to humidity. Coralwood exquisitely highlights the elegance of a Deejo knife.


37 G (1.30 OZ) / Z40C13 STAINLESS STEEL / 11 CM (4.33”) CLOSED / 20,5 CM (7.87”) OPEN /9.5 CM (3.74”) BLADE / 0,9 CM (0.35”) THICKNESS