Discover the Richard Orlinski world as you've never seen it before: 

Richard Orlinski has tattooed the blades of the Deejo knives in an unprecedented way. A unique opportunity to dive into the brilliant universe of this extraordinary artist.

Deejo & Orlinski come together to celebrate modernity.

Enter the 21st century with us and get a masterpiece to celebrate our time.

A unique opportunity to create a Deejo by Orlinski that resembles you!

Richard Orlinski invites you to tattoo the blade of YOUR Deejo knife with 2 exclusive tattoos designed by him.

A rich and sparkling collaboration. 

The best-selling French contemporary artist in the world has teamed up with Deejo to imagine an exceptional collection to discover without delay...

Richard Orlinski

After conquering the planet with his unique animal sculptures, Richard Orlinski set himself the challenge of applying his art to Deejo knives. An adept of industrial materials, the artist naturally adopted the finely-coated-in-titanium steels of the French cutlery brand.

Animated by the desire to democratize art and make it accessible to the greatest number of people, Richard Orlinski has an interest in all means of expression and his art knows no boundaries. All it took was for Deejo to offer their blades: the French cutlery brand has breathed new life into a still very conservative industry.

Much more than a simple collaboration, Richard Orlinski and Deejo unite here to celebrate their common values. Modernity, audacity and the love of perfectly polished surfaces

limited edition

Deejo Kong, 37g knife, black titanium finish, gilded handle in white gold (palladium), front/back engraving, available in numbered limited edition of 999 copies, $230 including tax.

6 DEEJO steak knives

A set of 6 steak knives decorated in Richard Orlinski’s fantastic bestiary.
Discover the panther, the cobra, the crocodile, the bear, the wolf and the kong as you have never seen them before!


From October 20, 2022 to March 20, 2023, tattoo on the MyDeejo configurator a Deejo by Orlinski that resembles you.


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