6 Deejo steak knives Serrated, Ebony

A set of Deejo steak knives with an exceptional sharpness, thanks to a micro-serrated blade suitable for any type of cuisine. Combining the clarity of a mirror blade with the deep nuances of ebony wood, these knives offer as much from their uncommon design as from their exceptional cut.

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Set of six table knives with a fixed serrated blade (non-folding) in 2CR14 stainless steel with a mirror finish. The handle is plated on both sides in ebony wood. Ebony wood, visually appreciated for its deep blacks, possesses the particularity of being virtually insensitive to humidity. This species of wood is thus the densest, the most resistant, and the most precious, ideal for this magnificent piece of cutlery.


(1 KNIFE) 60 G (2 OZ) / STAINLESS STEEL 2CR14 / 23 CM (9.55'') / THICKNESS 1.5 CM (0,5'')