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Damascus type steel is to knives what diamonds are to jewellery: rare, precious and possess extraordinary properties. Damascus steel makes your Deejo knife an exceptional piece that arouses all the senses. Deejo utilise one of the finest Damascus steels available, forged in Sweden by the company Damasteel with the utmost respect for tradition. This highly corrosion-resistant Damascus steel, in addition to a cutting property as incredible as diamonds, is a real treat for the eyes. Forged from two stainless steels, one clear and the other dark. Each blade reveals arabesques of grey in geometric patterns that play with light in breathtaking tones. Each piece is unique, revealing with finesse the precise gestures of the blacksmith and their know-how.

Deejo Damas knives are decorated with a superb Snakewood handle. This dense, rare wood reveals natural veins that resemble snakeskin. Used in musical instruments and objects such as furniture inlays, this wild-looking wood essence perfectly finds its place on this magnificent piece of knife art.