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Mikael de Poissy Shines with Deejo in a Collection Celebrating French History


Deejo, the renowned French cutlery brand, is excited to unveil its latest collaboration with one of the most prominent names in tattooing, the esteemed Mikael de Poissy. This marks a significant moment in Deejo's partnership journey, which has seen collaborations with top tattoo artists worldwide for over a year now.

Mikael de Poissy, a distinguished historian of tattooing and a celebrated innovator, has teamed up with Deejo to create an exclusive collection of six exquisitely crafted steak knives. Each piece in this series, meticulously detailed, embodies an iconic historical figure, ranging from Joan of Arc to Pope John XXII, including Frédégonde, the Chevalier Bayard, Philippe le Bel, and Saint Louis. 

To delight his fans, Mikael de Poissy has also designed two exceptional tattoos for Deejo pocket knives, featuring a depiction of Charlemagne on one and St. Michael on the other.

"Collaborating with Deejo has been an incredible experience," says Mikael de Poissy. "It's a unique opportunity to merge my expertise in tattoo artistry with Deejo's exceptional craftsmanship in cutlery. Together, we've crafted a collection that beautifully blends history and art."

Mikael de Poissy is a trailblazer in the world of tattooing. Awarded the Vermeil Medal by the Academy of Arts-Sciences-Letters in October 2023, he is the first tattoo artist to be recognized as an artist by this prestigious institution. More recently, as a judge on the show "The Best Tattoo Artist," he shares his knowledge and infinite passion for this ancient art with the tens of thousands of viewers who eagerly listen to him daily on RMC Story. His unique style, often referred to as "stained glass tattooing," has earned him the nickname "Michelangelo of tattoo artists." His commitment to promoting the history and significance of tattooing is also reflected in his various projects, including as the head of the French Tattoo Museum, which he initiated.

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Tatouage magazine

This collaboration wouldn't have been possible without Tatouages Magazine, which proposed to Deejo to gather over 2 years, twelve of the world's most famous tattoo artists around an exclusive collection that showcases the talent of these extraordinary artists every 2 months on the blades of Deejo knives. After Tin-Tin, Maud Dardeau, Jondix, Filip Leu, and Diego Moraes, Deejo and Tatouages Magazine invite you to visit their respective websites and the latest issue of the magazine to discover the behind-the-scenes of this extraordinary collection imagined by Mikael de Poissy.