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The Snakeskin and Tortoiseshell Collections


A true alternative to the raw woods offered since the origin of the brand, new composite models now complete the range of handles that Deejo proposes to adorn its knives. In the colours of the wild of the most beautiful reptiles, you will enjoy recognizing on a Deejo handle the rich amber tones inspired by the shell of the Terrapene carolina, a species of North American turtles that can live for more than a century. Note in passing that each of these ‘tortoiseshell’ handle plates presents a range of hues, making each composition unique, like Deejo knives themselves. 

The vibrant colours of the snake are also given a place of honour. It is enough to admire the pigmented pattern of the Green Mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps) to recognize in the handle the source of its inspiration. The veined pattern like the scaled skin of the reptile is yours to discover in the magnificent collection ‘skin’, alongside the collection ‘tortoiseshell’.