Deejo presents a collection outside the norms and on the fringe. Oversized, crafted in rare and exquisite materials, innovative in both form and substance, let yourself be tempted by a Deejo that will belong only to you for many years to come.

Deejo Damascus 37g, Snakewood

Witness of ancestral knowledge, this Deejo knife in Damascus steel is undeniably one of the most exceptional models of our collections. While connoisseurs will delight in this magnificent piece of...

Price $399.00

Engraving kit 'Tattoo your Deejo'

Engrave the motif of your choice on the blade of a Deejo that will become yours alone. The universal engraver delivered in this box offers inspirations on nearly all matters.

Price $129.00

Deejo 390g, Olive wood / Art Deco

Our giant Deejo knife is adorned here with one of the great classics of our ‘Art Deco’ tattoos to further refine this beautiful oversized blade, rightly the object of all superlatives. An...

Price $199.00

Deejo 390g, Olive wood

Deejo invites you to think big with this imposing knife edge more formidable than ever. An exceptional piece among the rest for lovers of beef and beautiful poultry.

Price $199.00

Deejo 390g, Olive wood / Terra Incognita

A giant Deejo for the size of continents and oceans it invites you to discover. An extraordinary piece to satisfy extra-ordinary yearnings.

Price $199.00