Your custom-made knife, crafted and shipped within 48 hours

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    The handle plate is damaged

    Good news! The handle plate on your knife is guaranteed during two years. To obtain a free replacement of the defective part, simply submit your request to our customer service team, who will send you a replacement kit as quickly as possible, including a spare plate,  screws and assembly key.

    On receipt of these spare parts, please follow the instructions in our video guide to replace your handle plate:

    Beyond this 2 year period, or if the defects of your plate are of an aesthetic nature (micro scratches due to use, loss of varnish, dirt ...) please contact our customer service so that we can make a proposal for renovation or replacement.

    Note: concerning the Deejo "gold" plate: micro scratches are usual and normal on this type of material. With time, they multiply to give a nice patina to your knife, witness of its occasional or regular use. You can contact a jeweler to reduce them.