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    Is my Deejo dishwasher-safe?

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    How to properly care for your Deejo

    Good maintenance of your Deejo knife is essential. We recommend cleaning your knife as often as possible in order to prevent any remainder of its use (food, liquid) from permanently damaging its steel.

    In order to properly clean your knife, use a lightly dampened kitchen sponge. With the soft side, wipe a few strokes on the blade surface, avoiding any contact with abrasive material, which may risk scratching the surface. Then wipe your Deejo with a soft cloth and store in a dry place. This way your blade will stay shiny and intact.

    Note that prolonged contact with water may irreversibly damage your blade, so washing it in the dishwasher should be avoided. Also avoid abrasive materials (sandpaper, abrasive sponge, stone, etc.) liable to create scratches.

    You can find all these tips and tricks in our explanatory video below:



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    How to sharpen your Deejo