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    Is my Deejo dishwasher-safe?

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    How to properly care for your Deejo

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    How to sharpen your Deejo

    Regularly sharpening the blade of your Deejo is essential to the proper function and maintenance of an optimal edge.

    For this, we offer a sharpener specially designed for your Deejo, which will guarantee you an optimal result, while avoiding the risk of scratching. To use, simply place the heel of the blade in the sharpener and then pull your knife towards you, so that the whole edge is evenly sharpened.

    If you opt for a classic stone sharpening, wash the surface beforehand to remove any debris or imperfection that may come into contact with your blade. While keeping the surface of the stone wet, tilt your knife and rub only the edge of your blade against the stone so that only that part of your blade is sharpened. Perform this movement several times to obtain a perfect result.

    Whatever your choice, you can find all our advice in our explanatory video :